Salesforce Case Integration with JIRA Ticket for Payment Solution Company

Project Name: Salesforce Integration with JIRA for Payment Solution Company
Client Industry: Payment Platform
Project Commencement Date: November 15, 2018
Project Completion Date: January 9, 2019

Our client uses Salesforce and JIRA as their core enterprise systems to improve their products and services to their clients. For technology-oriented online payment solution company, the client needs all the systems to be connected.


All requests associated with JIRA tickets came through cases in Salesforce, however, the client had no integration between two systems.

The client needed the issues categorization to be streamlined by automatic selection of the appropriate projects in Jira depending on the Salesforce status of the original Salesforce case record type.


Utilize ServiceRocket Jira Server Connector to;

  • Pull case public comments to issue
  • Pull all attachments uploaded to case to issue
  • Sync ticket status to custom field in case

Custom implementation with Trigger and Rest API – automatically push Salesforce case to create Jira ticket in real-time

  • When development checkbox on case is checked, automatically change case record type to ‘Development’
  • Automatically push to create Jira ticket in a different project and type based on case status
  • Populate Jira tickets fields with Summary, Description, Reporter, Salesforce Case #, TLA
  • Populate Salesforce fields with Jira ticket’s url
    Upon the creation of Jira ticket, Salesforce case status changed to ‘Jira’. If the ticket is closed, the case will be closed. If the ticket is re-opened, case status will be changed back to ‘Jira’ again.


The custom implementation helped:

  • Improve the quality of incoming requests by keeping associated Jira tickets in sync with the original Salesforce cases during the whole lifecycle of the Jira tickets.
  • Reduce time costs, effort and manual generated issues.
  • Facilitate the company’s growth by processing the growing incoming scope of work much more effectively.
  • All the consolidated data in Jira shown up more accurately in Jira reports, dashboards, filters, Scrum/Kanban boards, etc.