Dynamics CRM Migration to Salesforce

Project Name: Dynamics CRM Migration to Salesforce
Client Industry: Software Company
Project Commencement Date: May 1, 2017
Project Completion Date: July 30, 2017

Migrate CRM data from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce to enable the Sales team to utilize standard, out-of-box Sales Cloud and Salesforce1 mobile app for better organization and collaboration among the team and clients while on the go and win more deals. Utilized Pardot as a new marketing automation platform for Marketing Team.


The client was evaluating a new CRM platform for Sales department as they were not satisfied with the current CRM, Dynamics CRM. Saleforce1 mobile app and the ability for Sales reps to work while traveling is one of the biggest reasons why Salesforce is considered as a new CRM platform of choice. The client also wanted to migrate marketing automation platform to Pardot.


  • Migrate data of Users, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities Accounts, Custom Objects, Tasks, Notes, Emails, Attachments from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce.
  • Setup and Configured Salesforce out-of-the-box rollout with workflow and automation with reports and dashboard.
  • Pardot Marketing Automation Rollout
  • Migrate ClickDimensions’ current users, leads, workflows, campaigns, and email templates to Pardot
  • Create Web-to-Lead forms and landing pages for all current active campaigns
  • Set up lead scoring, lead nurturing, marketing campaigns, and engagement workflow/program
  • Integrate Pardot with Salesforce Sales Cloud (auto bi-directional sync between both systems)


  • The CRM was customized and built to fit the business processes
  • High user adoption rate
  • Sales Ops worked more efficiently and less paperwork
  • Sales Ops’ opportunity team could work together to close the deal
  • Single platform across the organization for both Sales and Marketing